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Living with a ragtag band of lost toys, a thoughtful little teddy bear is confronted by the arrival of new toys whose edgy personalities and lofty ambitions challenge the peace in their little community. By the Newbery Medal-winning author of Dicey's Song. Simultaneous eBook. - (Baker & Taylor)

"A group of lost toys live on an island, and their community must adapt as new toys come and go"-- - (Baker & Taylor)

Fans of classic toy stories like Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo, and Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins will love this illustrated novel by Newbery Medalist Cynthia Voigt.

Winner of a Parents Choice Silver Honor Award 

Teddy is a thinking kind of bear. Of all his friends, he does the most wondering. He lives with a ragtag group of lost toys—a very hungry snake, an elephant who likes to bake, two charmingly silly pigs, and a reclusive penguin—and they all bump along happily together. But their peaceful world gets shaken up when new toys arrive—first a rabbit, who is not as soft and floppy as he looks, and then a beautiful doll with royal ambitions. Will the newcomers learn to fit into the community? Or will the community be forever changed by them? As Teddy the philosopher would answer: Yes.
Cynthia Voigt’s charming tale of community and compromise comes alive in the adorable pictures from Paola Zakimi. Fully illustrated and lovingly designed, this book would make a terrific gift or family read-aloud.

"An affirming celebration of friendship, kindness, and embracing new experiences and relationships." --Publishers Weekly

"This work has a classic sensibility, reminiscent of Winnie-the-Pooh. A great option for one-on-one bedtime read-alouds." --School Library Journal - (Random House, Inc.)

Author Biography

Cynthia Voigt is the acclaimed author of many books, including Dicey’s Song, winner of the Newbery Medal; A Solitary Blue, winner of a Newbery Honor; and Homecoming, a National Book Award finalist. For the body of her work, Cynthia Voigt was honored with the Margaret A. Edwards Award for Outstanding Literature for Young Adults. For younger readers, her books include the Mister Max trilogy, Young Fredle, and Angus and Sadie. You can read more about her work at - (Random House, Inc.)

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Trade Reviews

Booklist Reviews

A little community of stuffed animals lives on an island. Teddy, a contemplative bear, lives with Umpah the elephant, who loves baking muffins. Sid, a friendly snake, loves eating them. Zia, a motherly pig, looks after Prinny, a childlike piglet. Peng, a penguin, lives a rather solitary life in a nearby cave. When a strange rabbit and a beautiful doll arrive unexpectedly, the islanders try to fit the newcomers into their close-knit community. After the doll, Clara, declares herself queen, a revolt is inevitable, though in keeping with the story's tone, it's also gentle and diplomatic. Voight, who has won many fans with the Tillerman Cycle and the Mister Max series, shows that she can write for a younger audience with simplicity, clarity, and subtlety. Driven less by action than by interactions between characters, the book might strike some as bland, but those who take to the quiet story will find it satisfying. The illustrations were not seen in final form. This chapter book may work best as a read-aloud choice for preschool and primary-grade children. Copyright 2016 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews

Six toy animals share an island and go on small adventures. The island gets a shake-up when newcomers arrive: first Mr. B, a rabbit; and then Clara, an imperious doll. The tone here is cozy and old-fashioned, but there's a level of anxiety under it all. Who are we really? Sophisticated black-and-white illustrations play to both the toys' cuteness and their not-always-sunny outlooks. Copyright 2017 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Horn Book Magazine Reviews

Six toy animals share an island: Umpah, a kind elephant; Sid, a greedy snake; pigs Prinny and Zia, silly and careful respectively; Peng, a grumpy penguin; and Teddy, a bear, a more nuanced character who is a philosopher and a dreamer. They go on small adventures and solve the problems of community life. The island gets a shake-up when newcomers arrive: first Mr. B, a rabbit; and then Clara, an elegant and imperious doll. The tone here is cozy and old-fashioned (with muffins, and picnics, and Zia's constant refrain of "oh dear, oh dearie me"), but there's a level of anxiety under it all. Who are we really? Of Mr. B: "He knew he looked floppy and silly and cuddly…Inside, however, Mr. B knew he wasn't like that at all. Inside, he was sleek and selfish and silver sharp, like a knife." The pace parallels imaginative play, with predictable rituals punctuated by moments of intensity and exuberance. The language and conflicts are firmly child-centered, but there's a hint of satire as the islanders invent participatory democracy in response to power-hungry Clara; the tone doesn't entirely work, as in several episodes the benign and the ominous work against each other. Sophisticated black-and-white illustrations play to both the toys' cuteness and their not-always-sunny outlooks. sarah ellis Copyright 2016 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews

Gr 1–3—Newbery Medalist Voigt's new title follows the legless stuffed toy Teddy and his friends through a series of small adventures. Teddy wants to explore more of the world in which they live, circling around what proves to be an island. Characters include an elephant who likes to bake muffins, a penguin, a pair of pigs, a snake, a grumpy bunny, and a demanding princess. Never deterred by curious or unfortunate circumstances, such as a rainstorm or the arrival of strangers, Teddy has a thirst for discovery and lives a joyous life surrounded by friends. This work has a classic sensibility, reminiscent of Winnie-the-Pooh, minus the human character Christopher Robin. This lends the toy animal characters a bit more autonomy and allows Teddy's spirit and determination to shine through. The secondary characters are amusing, such as Sid the snake, who never stops eating. Readers looking for fast-paced adventure or high drama will not find it here; this is a slow and gentle tale. VERDICT A simple, easily digestible story in parts, this is a great option for one-on-one bedtime read-alouds.—Kaitlin Malixi, formerly at Virginia Beach Public Library. Copyright 2016 School Library Journal.

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