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Field of Bones: A Brady Novel of Suspense
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Sheriff Joanna Brady is pulled out of maternity leave by a serial homicide case that rocks Cochise County, forcing her into a complex investigation involving multiple jurisdictions. By a New York Times best-selling author. 250,000 first printing. - (Baker & Taylor)

Sheriff Joanna Brady’s best intentions to stay on maternity leave take a hit when a serial homicide case rocks Cochise County, dragging her into a far-reaching investigation to bring down a relentless killer in this chilling tale of suspense from New York Times bestselling author J. A. Jance.

This time Sheriff Joanna Brady may expect to see her maternity leave through to completion, but the world has other plans when a serial homicide case surfaces in her beloved Cochise County. Rather than staying home with her newborn and losing herself in the cold cases to be found in her father’s long unread diaries, Joanna instead finds herself overseeing a complex investigation involving multiple jurisdictions.

Filled with the beloved characters, small town charm, vivid history, intriguing mystery, and the scenic Arizona desert backdrop that have made the Joanna Brady series perennial bestsellers, this latest entry featuring the popular sheriff is sure to please J. A. Jance’s legion of fans.


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On the night she's waiting for her reelection returns, Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady gives birth to her daughter, Sage, three weeks earlier than expected. With Brady suddenly on maternity leave, Acting Sheriff Tom Hadlock soon has his hands full after a remote desert area, in which skeletal remains are found, is determined to be the dumping ground for a serial killer.  While Brady's husband, author Butch Dixon, is on a book tour, Brady eases back into work before her leave ends, given the crimes at hand and the possibility of more to come. Intermittent chapters detail a man calling himself the Boss, who hunts for and imprisons young women, whom he then chains in a basement dungeon and feeds only dog kibble, abusing his captives at will. This twentieth entry in the Joanna Brady series is another page-turner, advancing the private life of the protagonist while detailing the grisly crimes. And there's a recipe for Joanna's much-lauded meat loaf.  Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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Sheriff Joanna Brady is on maternity leave, but will she stay put, thumbing through her father's old diaries? Not when there's a serial killer around, whose actions sweep across several jurisdictions. With a 250,000-copy first printing.

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