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The rich and the dead
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On New Year's Day, 2015, twelve of the world's most influential people are found murdered in the basement of a mansion. Investigator Lila Day is unable to solve the crime and her life unravels--until three years later when she meets a reclusive billionaire who will send her back in time to solve the mystery before it happens. - (Baker & Taylor)

After being unable to solve a mass murder case destroyed her life, former Miami PD investigator Lila Day accepts the unexpected second chance to solve the crime by travelling back in time to before the murders occur. - (Baker & Taylor)

Disgraced former cop Lila Day is sent back in time to 2013 by a mysterious billionaire who has hired her to gather evidence in the Star Island murder case and bring the killer to justice in her own time, which seems easy until she becomes attached to the people who are destined to die. Original. 25,000 first printing. - (Baker & Taylor)

To solve the crime of the century, she'll have to go back in time....

Welcome to Star Island, where Miami's wealthiest residents lead private lives behind the tall gates of their sprawling mansions. It's a blissful escape from the hot and dirty city—or it was, until New Year's Day 2015, when twelve of the most powerful people in the world were found murdered in the basement of a Star Island mansion.

The massacre shocked the nation and destroyed the life of investigator Lila Day. Her hunt for the Star Island killer consumed her. But the case went unsolved, resulting in her dismissal from the Miami PD.

Now, three years later, life hands Lila an unexpected second chance: reclusive billionaire Teddy Hawkins approaches Lila and asks her to solve the case. But how do you investigate a crime when all the leads have long ago gone cold? The answer, Teddy tells her, is to solve the case before it happens. He's going to send Lila back in time.

With nothing left to lose, an incredulous Lila travels back to 2014, determined to find the Star Island killer once and for all. But as she goes undercover among the members of Miami's high society, she finds herself caring for—and falling for—people who are destined to die that fateful night. Now she must either say good-bye or risk altering the future forever.


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On New Year's Day, 2015, all 12 members, but only the members, of the Janus Society, an exclusive, secretive philanthropic club, convened at a member's gated villa on Star Island, accessible only by boat from Miami Beach. All were murdered, execution style, creating a locked-room mystery that stumped Miami's best detective, Lila Day. Three years later, in 2018, the dispirited and discredited Lila is fired from her hotel-security job. She is ripe for taking an offer from Teddy Hawkins, a billionaire inventor, to reopen the Janus case—but with a twist. Hawkins, a friend of the victims, pays her to use his newly invented time machine to travel back in time to live among the victims in the months before the murders, hoping that she will be able to identify the killer before he kills. And so Lila Day becomes Camilla Dayton, a rich newcomer to the Miami moneyed set. Fancy cars, posh pool parties, and glittering nightlife are the veneer shielding the sinister purpose of the Janus Society. Although the means for solving the crime seems forced, the combination of mystery, evil, glamour, and light science fiction makes for an engrossing series debut. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

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In January 2015, someone wiped out a secret society of philanthropists in the Star Island massacre. Det. Lila Day's failure to solve the case ruined her career. Fast forward to 2018. After being fired from her crappy job as a hotel security guard, Lila receives a bizarre offer from the billionaire who owned the Florida mansion where the murders took place: he wants her to rewind, travel back to 2014, and identify the killer. After some initial misgivings, Lila accepts the challenge and assumes an alias as a wealthy divorcee. She then infiltrates Star Island's high society and races against time to try to crack the case. Time travel is complex, though, and Lila struggles to follow the rules, including not meeting her past self and not trying to save anyone. VERDICT This debut novel is the first in a new crime/time travel series; despite its banal title, it's a fresh and clever contribution to the modern female sleuth genre. It's also fun to entertain the notion that time travel is only four years away. However, this reviewer, a time travel newbie, had to work hard to suspend her disbelief. [Library marketing.]—Samantha Gust, Niagara Univ. Lib., NY

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