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J.K. Lasser's your income tax 2017
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A guide to income tax returns provides information on the most recent tax legislation, tax-filing tips, advice on how to reduce tax liabilities, and helpful financial advice, and includes sample tax forms, worksheets, and charts. - (Baker & Taylor)

The latest edition of the classic tax-preparation guide includes usable tax forms, thousands of tips and strategies, up-to-date coverage of the nation's tax laws, filing advice, a quick-reference section highlighting recent changes, links to online forms and tax-preparation help and a quick topic index that helps readers find the right deductions. Original. - (Baker & Taylor)

America's number-one all-time best-selling tax guide, with 2,500 money-saving tips

J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2017 puts America's most trusted tax advice to work to help you with your 2016 tax return. Reader-friendly and easy to use, this book answers your most pressing questions to help you maximize your tax savings. You'll learn how the latest tax law and IRS changes apply to your specific situation, and you'll find expert advice on sheltering income, planning, claiming deductions, and more. New tax laws, IRS rulings, court decisions, filing pointers, and planning strategies are highlighted throughout for quick reference, and the companion website at has an e-Supplement that updates the text with the latest tax developments from the IRS and Congress. Using a CPA or tax software to file? This guide shows you what you can do to leverage the utmost money-saving capabilities these services have to offer. Filing yourself? This book gives you guidance and expertise from America's most trusted tax resource for over 75 years. 

Tax laws are continually evolving, and even if your family situation and finances haven't changed in the last year, your tax-saving opportunities or liabilities may have changed because of new rules. Do you routinely stay up to date on IRS rulings and new tax legislation? J.K. Lasser does, and this book tells you everything you need to know to file your 2016 return.

  • Maximize your tax savings with over 2,500 tax-saving tips
  • Learn how recent tax law changes affect your 2016 filing
  • Identify your deductions, and claim them correctly
  • Get the answers you need quickly, from a trusted source

Taxes are complex, confusing, and always changing, and it's tempting to just settle for what you're given—but why leave money on the table? You've worked hard for it, and you're entitled to it. Cut through the complexity and file correctly, on time, for a maximized return with the trusted authoritative help of J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2017.


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The Most Trusted Name in Tax

For over 75 years, more than 39 million Americans have trusted J.K. Lasser to help them save money at tax time

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Easy-to-Use Format Explains Complex Tax Laws

FILING TIPS and FILING INSTRUCTIONS help you prepare your 2016 return

PLANNING REMINDERS highlight year-end tax strategies for 2016 and planning opportunities for 2017 and later years

CAUTIONS point out potential pitfalls to avoid and areas where you might expect IRS opposition

LAW ALERTS indicate recent changes in the tax law and pending legislation before Congress

COURT DECISIONS highlight key rulings from the Tax Court and other federal courts

IRS ALERTS highlight key rulings and announcements from the IRS

Basics of Filing (Chap. 1) including:

Which form to file – Chap. 1
Filing as Head of Household – Chap. 1
Filing for your children – Chap. 1
Filing for married couples – Chap. 1

What Must You Report as Income? (Chaps. 2–11) including:

Fringe benefits – Chap. 3
Capital gains & losses – Chap. 5
Traditional & Roth IRAs – Chap. 8
Rental income – Chap. 9

What Deductions Can You Claim? (Chaps. 12–21) including:

Moving expenses – Chap. 12
Charitable deductions – Chap. 14
Casualty loss – Chap. 18
Who is a dependent? – Chap. 21

How Much Tax Do You Owe? (Chaps. 22–28) including:

The AMT – Chap. 23
Your child's tax – Chap. 24
Personal tax credits – Chap. 25
Estimated taxes – Chap. 27

Strategies to Save You Taxes (Chaps. 29–39) including:

Tax-free residence sales – Chap. 29
Investing in securities – Chap. 30
Tax credits for education – Chap. 33
Armed forces rules – Chap. 35

Planning Ideas for Your Business (Chaps. 40–45) including:

Home office deduction – Chap. 40
Keogh, Simple, or SEP – Chap. 41
Auto expenses – Chap. 43
Self-employment tax – Chap. 45

Now That You're Done (Chaps. 46–48) including:

Tax Penalties – Chap. 46, 48
Filing extensions – Chap. 46
Amended returns – Chap. 47
IRS audits – Chap. 48 - (WILEY)

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