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A Passage North
Light Perpetual
The Promise
China Room
A Town Called Solace
Circles all Around Us
White Guilt
Bear Bottom
What is Nintendo?
Inheritance games
Sunrise by the sea
Impostor syndrome : a novel
Moby Dick
Boston cream bribery
Cranberry crimes
Baked books
Tasty trials
Mixed malice
Some girls do
Castle of refuge
Mia Mayhem rides the waves
The soccer mystery
Floured felonies
Vanilla vices
Raspberry revenge
Fugitive filling
Criminal crumbs
Sugar coated sins
Lemon larceny
Bad bites
Old fashioned crooks
The social graces
White shadow
The Temple House vanishing
The disaster tourist : a novel
Sweet suspects
Deep fried homicide
Custard crime
Assault and batter
Deadly donuts