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New Books
Lost and found
The bookshop on the shore
The affair of the mysterious letter
Fake like me
The most fun we ever had
Frankie Sparks and the class pet
Keep this to yourself
How to be a supervillain : bad guys finish first
A good team
Forward me back to you
Maverick and me
From milk to ice cream
Amelia Westlake was never here
Splat the cat and the lemonade stand
LEGO minifigure mayhem
Race for the ring
This is not a love scene
What was the Vietnam War?
Odd animals
When the elephant walks
The last resort
The body lies
Twinkle, twinkle dinosaur
Roblox top role-playing games
Stephen Biesty
Evvie Drake starts over
Big sky
The porpoise : a novel
Backlash : a thriller
Can you see me?
Miss Porter is out of order!
The absence of sparrows