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The last chance library
Under the whispering door
The beginning
Wheel of stars
The Wisdom of Crowds
Water:  a biography
Daughter of the morning star
The book of form and emptiness
The burning
A darker reality
Harlem shuffle
Where tomorrows aren
Bewilderment : a novel
Apples never fall
Black nerd problems / Essays
Friends forever
World champions! : a Max Einstein adventure
The girl with the magic ponytails
Small nap, little dream
Yellow & round
A hustler
Enemy at the gates
Fuzz : when nature breaks the law
Never saw me coming
The magician : a novel
Forgotten in death
Beautiful country : a memoir
High stakes
On freedom : four songs of care and constraint
The new kingdom
Poet warrior : a memoir
1984 : the graphic novel
Clovis keeps his cool