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New Books
Octopus stew
Where does a pirate go potty?
Where does a cowgirl go potty?
What comes my way
Christmas shopaholic : a novel
The guardians
One person, no vote : how not all voters are treated equally
Snowflake, AZ
Who put this song on?
Saving Fable
Spark of the resistance
I want a dog
Stormy : a story about finding a forever home
Roll with it
The Vanderbeekers to the rescue
All the impossible things
Permanent record
The Good Luck Girls
The liars of Mariposa Island
Loki : where mischief lies
Kingdom of souls
A distance too grand
Invisible as air : a novel
Jacob Flint. 01 : Gallows Court
The future of another timeline
The Christmas boutique
A Mrs. Miracle Christmas : a novel
Steel crow saga
The 19th Christmas
Ordinary hazards : a memoir
The spotted dog
Right after the weather
Dog is love : why and how your dog loves you
The seven necessary sins for women and girls
Dancing with bees : a journey back to nature