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New Books
Chez Bob
See the dog : three stories about a cat
Waiting on love
The Robber Girl
No one will miss her : a novel
No words : a novel
2 Sisters Detective Agency
The butler : a novel
So we meet again : a novel
You got anything stronger? : stories
Pahua and the soul stealer
The monsters of Rookhaven
The Beatryce Prophecy
A secret shared : a novel
Room to dream
Change sings : a children
When we say Black lives matter
A shelter for sadness
Alma presses play
A house
One life
Egg marks the spot
Defy the night
Beasts of prey
Under the whispering door
The book of form and emptiness
A prince and a spy
Santa cruise
The Christmas wedding guest
Gone by morning : a novel
Late city : a novel
Foul play
Cloud cuckoo land
Woodland dance!
When ghosts come home : a novel
The only woman in the room