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Snow horses : a first night story
Yetis are the worst!
Wibble Wobble Boom!
The sun is late and so is the farmer
The reindeer hunters
Factory girls : a novel
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A world of curiosities
The choice
The twist of a knife
The Whittiers
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The flamingo
The lost girls of Willowbrook : a novel
Little Tomte
The Midsummer Tomte and the little rabbits
Tales of a seventh-grade lizard boy
Careful what you wish for
Christmas clash
Winter blunderland
The lies we tell
The lost metal
Heart of the sun warrior
The perfect assassin
Today tonight tomorrow
How to catch a reindeer
So much snow
No Snowball!
The Christmas book flood
Wombat said come in
Mending the moon
The Blackout Book Club : a novel
Never rescue a rogue
Tread of angels
I don
Woman who turned children into birds
Desert star
Even though I knew the end
Sweetest Kulu
The labyrinth of doom
A walk through the rain forest