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Who You Might Be
Monkey in the middle
An island wedding
When It Falls Apart
An Island Wedding
Saving the Earth
My body
The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans
Old cowboys never die
Camping chaos
School trip squirmies
The super spy
The tumbling tortoises
The sheriff
Curse of the Egyptian princess
Beyond the moonlit sea : a novel
Local gone missing
The Hotel Nantucket
A face to die for
The unsinkable Gus Davis
It dies with you : a novel
It all comes down to this
Into the wild
Pineapple Princess
Little houses
The seamstress of New Orleans
An island : a novel
The messy lives of book people
Sparring partners
The foundling : a novel
And there he kept her
Meant to be
Beach house summer
The boardwalk bookshop
Out of the clear blue sky
Places we