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New Books
You don
The witch
The magnolia palace : a novel
We are one : how the world adds up
The cat and the rat and the hat
Just roll with it
Uni the unicorn in the real world
The night the moon went missing
Muchos changes
Conduct a science experiment!
The year we learned to fly
When I wake up
Daddy speaks love
The Spanish daughter
30 things I love about myself
The untold story
I, too, sing America
The bad mood
Daughter of the Moon Goddess
Death in Cornwall
Where the drowned girls go
Reckless girls
The last house on the street
Ashes of gold
A flicker in the dark
The girl in the lake
Her hidden genius : a novel
Wahala : a novel
The accomplice : a novel
Yonder : a novel
Honest June
The sorority murder
The last dance of the debutante