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New Books
The very hungry plant
An elderly lady must not be crossed
Keeping it real
Frankie & Bug
Oh William!
The Quicksilver Court
season on the wind
The butler : a novel
The dark remains
Empire of the vampire
The jealousy man and other stories
The jailhouse lawyer
Light from uncommon stars
The burning
Over my dead body
Small gods : a novel of Discworld®
Own your period
Feminist AF : a guide to crushing girlhood
A view most glorious
A Line to Kill
My Monticello : fiction
Daughter of the morning star
Chez Bob
Inside Cat
Brains! Not just a zombie snack
All bodies are good bodies
Better together!
Saving Sorya : Chang and the sun bear
A house
The book of magic
State of terror
The Judge
Death at Greenway
When sorrows come