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If He Had Been WIth Me
The choice
Hunting time
A Christmas memory
Jam and Jelly Nook
Soccer on Sunday
The serpent in heaven
The wilderwomen
Tread of angels
A sweet new year for Ren
The perfect assassin
The witch hunt
Monarch rising
Big bad
Nubia. The awakening
Pretty dead queens
The edge of being
Christmas with auntie
The Hanukkah hunt
The snowman waltz
The box
Best friends
In Myrtle peril
The lost whale
The winter wolf
The invisible spy
Into the glades
What we saw : a thriller
New dragon city
Ellis and Pathseeker
Cara and Silverthief
Holly the Christmas fairy
In the event of love
So this is Christmas : a novel
Waypoints : my Scottish journey
Blackwater Falls
Bill the worm gets a pet
Bill, the worm who ran away
Tom and Ironskin