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Novelist as a vocation
Hands down
Flight risk : a novel
The magic kingdom
Murder at Black Oaks
The Whittiers
A Christmas memory
Kiss her once for me : a novel
Amish Surprise
Ship wrecked : a novel
Vaccines change the world
Catch these hands! Vol. 1
Desert star
The passenger
The choice
A wish for winter
Astronauts on the Space Station
Cozy in love
Santa Cruise
Lightning in a mirror
Dharma. volume 1
Wish you were here
The twist of a knife
Pokémon XY. Vol. 3
Pokémon XY. Vol. 5
Pokémon XY. Vol. 7
Pokémon XY. Vol. 8
Pokémon XY. Vol. 9
Pokémon XY. Vol. 10
Pokémon XY. Vol. 12
The serpent in heaven
Pride and protest
The Cloisters
The perfect assassin
Before your memory fades : a novel
Bleeding heart yard
Cookie & Broccoli : book of secrets!
Insect experts in the rain forest
The wolf in underpants breaks free